Your Choices Are Endless

There is really no limit to what you are able to do with the amazing assortment of chalk paint products that are available today. The following stencil designs and furniture applications are examples of how chalk paint can help you bring out the inner artist in you.

Painting with a smooth coat of paint can make a surface look just the way you want it. But you can go even further by applying a stencil design over the coat for a unique one-of-a-kind look with custom colors that match and contrast perfectly. Try mixing colors together for that perfect color tone.

Chalk paint is great for applying to all kinds of surfaces. It can even be used to color fabric. Consider painting the legs and frame of a wooden chair with a color that no one has ever seen before in furniture. Then look for a nice accompanying color and paint it over the fabric sections of the arms, back, and seat.

For another unique look, start with a primer layer, such as Primer Red. This will allow you to sand through subsequent layers and bring out the color fade you want for that aged, antique look. Once you have gotten the right pattern and color tones, you can finish it all off with a coat of clear soft wax.

Learn Chalk Painting

If you want to get the feel for your own abilities and find out what your style can really look like, consider attending a chalk paint class in your area. Some Houston chalk paint workshops have become very popular with the local community there. Become an expert in color and see what it means to paint with professional quality.